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Young Marcia

Marcia was born in Chicago, Illinois, the third child of four children. Not long after she arrived, her family moved to the small town of Urbana OH, where her parents worked in the Public School system. Her father taught high school Special Education, while her mother taught on the Elementary level. The love of learning that her parents possessed was one of the many gifts they would pass down to each of their children over the years.

In addition to the emphasis on education, Marcia and her siblings all shared a focus on their strong commitment to the Christian faith handed down to them from the families of both their mother and father.

All of the Ware children shared a talent and love for music and acting. They filled their adolescence with activities in the local high school artistic community. But Marcia's passion, however, ran much deeper than it did for her siblings. From an early age, it was more than just a hobby. For Marcia, music was her life's calling.

As she entered high school she was drawn to musical legends like Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Gladys Knight and Diana Ross. Marcia was influenced most by the depth of these artists and their ability to bring life to each song.

With faith being paramount in Marcia's childhood, Church became an important outlet for expressing her faith through music. It was her mother who impressed upon Marcia not only the existence of her special talent, but the importance of using her gifts to glorify the One who gave them to her.

Even at the age of 15, Marcia noticed that her skills had reached a degree to where audiences felt deeply the message and the meaning of each song she sang. This realization continued to fuel Marcia's zeal for music and performance, giving her conclusive evidence that she was indeed going in the right direction.

In the middle of the whirlwind that had already become Marcia's high school years, she was presented with an incredible opportunity: an up-and-coming Christian production company approached Marcia, offering her a management contract. But despite that generous proposal, she made the difficult decision to pursue her personal dreams and goals while simultaneously continuing her education beyond high school.

Coming of age

The search for a college wasn't difficult: Anderson University in Indiana had a century-long reputation for its academic excellence and commitment to Christian values. When it came to cultivating talent that was able to withstand the competitive flow of the music industry, AU's Department of Music rivaled any other college or university in the country. Several of Marcia's heroes in the field of Gospel music called the small Midwestern University home, including Bill Gaither, Sandi Patty, and one of her own classmates, Steven Curtis Chapman.

The school was also a family legacy; as several family members were Anderson alumni, including her father and sister.

It was during this season that she immersed herself in the world of Classical music under the demanding guidance of her vocal instructor and friend, the late Dr. M. Eugene Miller. "Doc", as his students called him, made a simple promise to Marcia: that if she dedicated herself to the task, the techniques he would teach her would be the building blocks on which she could sing any genre of music she desired, for as long as she wanted to sing.

Post Graduation

Marcia moved to Michigan as a member of the band U-Turn, which had ties with Youth for Christ Organizations in Australia. When she wasn't touring, she divided her time between the local music and theater scene, church worship leading, and her work as an Advertising Executive for WJQK in Holland. Developing her skills in this arena, she discovered a love not only of creative writing, but of media production. It was through this endeavor that the seeds of her future as a voice talent and On Air personality were sown.

Starting to Fly

Her work at WJQK was noticed by the WAY FM Media Group where she took the overnight drive position at the Nashville based radio network. Marcia's popularity moved her from the overnight to the Mid-Days and eventually to the popular morning drive time. During her tenure at WAY FM Media Group she had the honor of being nominated every single year at the March of Dimes AIR (Achievement in Radio) Awards, winning in 1998 for best Midday show and in 2002 for Best Morning show. Currently, Marcia is the Host of her own late night program, as well as The Twenty Most Wanted, a weekly countdown show; both shows are syndicated in over 100 markets across the country.

In 2004, Marcia stepped down from her full time morning show put more emphasis into the music side of her career and became one of the featured vocalists for the famed Funk Brothers of Motown-the players that were responsible for cultivating the "Motown Sound." The experience with the Funk Brothers lead to the opportunity to work with Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Joan Osborne, Peter Frampton, Kid Rock, Percy Sledge, Chaka Khan, Tom Scott, Hall and Oates, Alison Krauss and Ben Taylor.

In September 2006, Marcia was offered the background vocalist spot for Country music legend Lorrie Morgan.

On the Horizon

The next steps of Marcia's career are already underway transforming her from background vocalist to the spotlight as she moves into the role as she a solo artist. You can be part of her transition through her Blog.

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